Performance Measurement

Malatest offers our clients the ability to monitor and track client/customer experiences and outcomes for the purposes of performance measurement. Organizations measure their performance so they can initiate improvements. Performance measurement systems help to identify, define and assess whether or not an organization is meeting its goals and service standards. Typically this research involves monthly/quarterly client tracking studies, as well as specific studies to identify awareness, penetration, product/service recognition and/or other measures.

Our researchers have performance measurement experience in the financial services, travel and tourism, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing and retail sectors. In the public sector, our performance measurement clients include federal and provincial ministries, transit system operators, healthcare providers and crown corporations.

Among the two most common categories of performance measurement systems are Client Satisfaction and Employee Engagement. While the two studies have different populations, similar principles and processes are used. Both have a transactional component – the experience clients have when obtaining services from an organization and the daily interactions employees have at their jobs with their supervisor, environment and equipment. Clients and employees also have relational connections with an organization.