Victoria Focus Group Facility

Our Victoria facility is located downtown, is easily accessed by public transit and has both street and pay parking in close proximity. Our Victoria meeting/focus group room measures 26'10" x 15'3" and includes the following amenities:

  • Two ceiling-mounted omni-directional microphones
  • One wall-mounted video camera recorder
  • 55" high definition television
  • Large counter space (e.g., for supplies, snacks)
  • White Board
  • Flip Chart Paper/Post-it Note Chart (2' by 3')
  • Display area
  • Refrigerator
  • Air Conditioning
  • Digital Clock

Our observation room is artfully decorated to host small groups of clients observing the focus group sessions. The room is 15'3" by 9'8" and comfortably accommodates eight viewers in two rows. Features of the room include:

  • 8' one-way mirror
  • Counter space, shelving, meal service and self-serve refrigerator

Malatest Victoria:
858 Pandora Avenue
Victoria, BC V8W 1P4
Telephone: (250) 384-2770
Toll-free Telephone: (800) 665-5848
Fax: (250) 384-2774