Focus Group Facilities

R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd. offers and operates focus group facilities/meeting rooms in both its Victoria and Edmonton offices. A full-service research and evaluation firm with many years experience hosting and moderating focus groups, we can anticipate and accommodate your focus group needs.

Our services include experienced moderators and hosts, digital video/audio recordings, live web streaming, incentive arrangement, recruiting and session moderation! As R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd. routinely conducts focus groups for many of our studies, our facilities have evolved in response to our clients’ needs. We are, therefore, well versed in accommodating various requests and requirements.

Victoria's Focus Group Facility | Edmonton's Focus Group Facility

We also provide recruitment services for focus groups held in our facilities. Recruitment services are typically not available for focus groups held elsewhere. The fees for recruitment services will depend on the complexity of the assignment for which the recruits are sought. The recruitment screening call, verification of the respondent’s suitability for the group, mailing/emailing of a confirmation letter and a reminder call the day/evening before the focus group are included in this service. The charge quoted applies whether or not the recruited participant actually attends the focus group.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our focus group or online research panel, please click here to join our contact list.

Key moderation services provided include:

  • Establishing focus group objectives and developing a moderator's guide
  • Convening/moderating focus groups, including the services of the facilitator
  • Preparing related reporting documents
  • Integrating focus group results with other quantitative research methods (telephone/mail-out surveys if requested/required by client)
The fees for focus group facilitation services vary depending upon the complexity of the research objectives. Fees for analysis and presentation of the results in a report format also vary depending on the complexity of the research and the number of different focus groups conducted. Availability of moderators varies based on the firm’s own research studies.

For additional information or to book our focus group facilities and/or services, please contact:

Focus Group Coordinator
Telephone: (250) 384-2770
Toll-free Telephone: (800) 665-5848
Fax: (250) 384-2774