Malatest offers a useful hybrid in Canada’s market research and program evaluation industry. We seamlessly integrate research targeted to meet both market research needs and program evaluation/performance measurement requirements. Further details are provided about the firm’s capabilities in the following major areas:

Key Areas of Research

The firm has extensive experience in the following major areas:

  • Health

  • Labour market/job training

  • Education

  • Justice/corrections

  • Transportation and transportation planning

  • Aboriginal/First Nations

  • Sector Councils


Malatest has completed extensive evaluation and research in Canada’s health sector. We have examined primary care systems in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. Malatest has conducted sector studies (patient experience of care/satisfaction research) in BC (mental health and addictions) and Ontario (primary care). We have also examined health prevention/promotion programs and have undertaken research/evaluation on community health as well as with acute care programs.

Labour Market/Job Training

We are nationally recognized for our research ascertaining the effectiveness/impact of programs directed at assisting unemployed individuals re-enter the workforce, or to enhance the skills of existing workers. Malatest has completed numerous evaluations of labour market programs and services, ranging from evaluations of Labour Market Development Agreements (LMDAs) to evaluations/research targeting specific sub-groups, such as Aboriginal youth self-employment programs and programs targeting displaced older workers.


Malatest has completed extensive research regarding Canada’s early childhood education (ECE), K-12 and post-secondary education systems. We have particular experience in completing graduate outcome surveys, as well as research related to institutional attraction, recruitment and retention. We have completed evaluations of technology, professional development and teacher training programs, and have examined system-wide issues (e.g., student financial assistance) at a pan-Canadian level for such organizations as the Canada Student Loans Branch, the Council of Ministers of Education Canada (CMEC) and the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation.


Numerous evaluations of family, civil and criminal justice initiatives at both the federal (Justice Canada) and provincial levels have been completed by Malatest. We have extensive experience conducting studies/research addressing Aboriginal justice issues. We are also one of the few firms in Canada that has completed more than 5,000 surveys with inmates in federal and provincial correctional facilities.

Transportation & Transportation Planning

Malatest has the capability and experience to conduct large origin-destination (OD) surveys (involving 25,000+ telephone surveys) for municipalities across Canada. We are routinely engaged by Canada’s largest transit operators to conduct user (rider) satisfaction with public transit service. These clients include GO Transit/Metrolinx (Toronto), the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), the Edmonton Transit System (ETS) and BC Transit. We have also established relationships with transportation engineering firms to ensure that the market research can be transformed into actionable results for our clients.

Aboriginal/First Nations

Malatest has been privileged to work with many First Nation, Métis and Inuit individuals, organizations and communities. We approach this research with culturally sensitive methods, and provide Elders and other community members with appropriate and respectful formats for them to participate in studies. The firm has also developed connections with established Aboriginal researchers to create collaborative research teams.

Work for Canada’s Sector Councils/Industry Associations

We are a major supplier of research to the more than 30 sector councils which represent employers and employees for many of Canada’s key industries. These studies include labour market supply/demand research, employee engagement research, skills inventory research and studies addressing older workers, Aboriginal workers and persons with disabilities.