Derek Hughes

Derek Hughes is the Senior Research Director for the Ottawa office. Mr. Hughes oversees a team of researchers in the work that they do and is responsible for the quality of all products produced by the Ottawa team. He contributes to the team by overseeing the work being done, authoring reports, and mentoring research staff. Mr. Hughes has managed multiple diverse qualitative and quantitative research projects, while maintaining strong communication linkages between staff and clients. In doing so, he leverages his 18 years of experience to develop key insights for our clients.

Not only is Mr. Hughes a senior member of the Malatest team, he is a researcher as well. Mr. Hughes has established himself as a published researcher whose work has informed senior decision makers within government and in businesses across Canada and beyond. Mr. Hughes has considerable experience in the design, implementation and analysis of research on wide array of topics. Over the years, he has researched and written on topics ranging from public policy to organizational effectiveness, and has developed particular expertise in workforce development and workplace training.

Mr. Hughes is regularly featured on project teams for his input into methodology, statistics or other matters. Mr. Hughes’s expertise in survey instrument design, sampling methodologies, data manipulation and statistical techniques adds critical capacity to the research done at the R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd. With these skills, Mr. Hughes is keenly aware of the need to balance research theory with real world time and budgetary pressures.