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We provide customized research solutions to meet the diverse needs of a range of clients. From in-depth program evaluations to client satisfaction studies, let us design and implement a project that will provide actionable results.

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We Take Privacy Seriously

We strive to protect confidentiality.MRIA Gold Seal Corporate Member  Please review our privacy policy and company protocols followed to ensure that the names and contact information of participants is not compromised.

Are you Interested in Participating in an Online Research Panel or Focus Group Study?

Focus Groups

We often do studies requiring online/e-panels or focus groups with participants from across Canada. If you are interested in joining one of these research panels, please click the link below and complete the short questionnaire to register your contact information.

Current Projects

British Columbia Health Survey

Did you receive a letter inviting you to complete a survey about your recent hospital visit? Click here to access the survey!

Online New Psychoactive Substances Survey (January 2020 - ongoing).

R.A. Malatest is currently conducting a survey on user experiences with New Psychoactive Substances (NPS). NPS are substances formulated to contain chemicals that mimic the effects of controlled substances, and are often referred to as alternatives to controlled substances. The survey is open to anyone (residents and non-residents, above the age of 18) as long as the NPS experience took place in Canada. Results from the survey will be used to gather information on new psychoactive substances and their potential uses and harms. Click here to access the survey.