Current Projects

Malatest currently manages multiple projects across the firm. Studies range from small surveys of 300 participants through to large multi-year evaluations. A brief selection of current studies has been detailed below.

Capital Regional District Origin-Destination Household Travel Survey
The Transportation Tomorrow Survey (TTS)
Current Studies with a Telephone Survey Component
Malatest Call Centre Numbers

Capital Regional District Origin-Destination Household Travel Survey

The 2017 Capital Regional District Origin-Destination Household Travel Survey will begin in Fall 2017. Contact for more information.

The Transportation Tomorrow Survey (TTS)

The Transportation Tomorrow Survey (TTS) is a confidential and voluntary travel survey on how Ontarians in the Greater Toronto and the Greater Golden Horseshoe areas use the transportation system. The TTS has been undertaken every five years since 1986. The data collected helps local and regional governments, as well as the province and transit agencies, make transportation planning and investment decisions.

The TTS is jointly undertaken by 22 funding agencies including the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO), Metrolinx/GO Transit, the TTC, and municipalities across the Greater Toronto Area and Greater Golden Horseshoe Area. For more information about this study please visit

Current Studies with a Telephone Survey Component

Below is a listing of studies currently containing data collection via telephone (along with potentially other modes) by Malatest. Please contact us at should you require any further information on these studies.

  • Audiometric Testing Survey for Alberta Labour
  • British Columbia 2016 Acute Inpatient Hospital Care Survey for the BC Patient Centred Measurement Working Group
  • Canadian Work, Stress, and Health (CAN-WSH) Study for the University of Toronto
  • Credit Condition Survey for Industry Canada
  • Growing Forward 2 (GF2) Survey for Agriculture and Agri – Food Canada
  • ManufacturingGPS Survey for the Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium and the Canadian Manufacturing Network
  • Market Research for Community Engagement and Communications Activities – Alberta Health Services
  • Metropass Diary Survey for the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)
  • OCCinfo Enhancement and Maintenance Project for Alberta Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour
  • Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Community Satisfaction Surveys for the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and the Ontario Provincial Police
  • Performance Measurement Survey Program for the City of Edmonton
  • Post–Payment Services Verification Survey (EPPV) for Alberta Human Services
  • Problem Gambling Research Project for the BC Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General
  • Researching Indigenous Partnerships for Indigenous Works
  • Sondage auprés des personnes âgèes canadiennes pour leur consommation de mèdicaments for Institut universitaire de gèriatrie de Montrèal
  • Survey of Digital Technology and Internet Use for Industry Canada
  • Transportation Tomorrow Survey (TTS) for the Ministry of Transportation Ontario
  • Verification of Services & Client Satisfaction Survey (CPPV) for Alberta Human Services
  • Work Outcomes Reporting Project (WORP) Plus for Alberta Human Services

Malatest Call Centre Numbers

R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd. operates three call centres across Canada. When trying to reach our respondents, the call display may read the firm’s name, or the specific study being deployed. As we have multiple sites, please see below the listing of telephone numbers associated with our calling efforts:

Local Numbers Toll Free Numbers
(613) 288-1278 1-800-665-5848
(613) 688-1130 1-855-290-1132
(613) 688-1135 1-855-319-2887
(613) 688-5050 1-855-412-1922
(250) 384-2770 1-855-522-2887
(250) 386-1826 1-855-688-1137
(250) 386-3373 1-855-688-1140
(250) 386-4484 1-855-688-1142
(250) 386-9909 1-855-688-1143
(250) 412-1920 1-866-247-6465
(250) 412-1922 1-866-288-1278
(613) 688-1132 1-866-520-9287
(613) 688-1137 1-877-386-1824
(613) 688-1140 1-877-688-1135
(613) 688-1142 1-877-688-5051
(613) 688-1143 1-877-813-8388
(613) 688-1847 1-877-876-8800
(780) 448-9042 1-888-274-1700
(780) 702-1525